Life can’t knock you down.

Life can’t knock you down.

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Among everything that can happen to an individual in their lifetime, putting aside how long or short that life span may be, the worst is to give up.

Just in the last few weeks, horrible things have happened; our family patriarch of 3 generations now is rapidly declining in health, another member of the family had to be re-placed on a feeding tube, another had spinal surgery (due to a long-term problem not a recent issue), and a long-time family friend passed away due to terminal cancer.

I am not saying this to be pitiful. I am saying this with optimism in my heart and mind. The only thing that can truly knock you down in life is a negative outlook on the future.

Losing a loved one requires mourning time, whether that be a friend, a family member, or a beloved pet. It will not be easy to beat your inner demons, just know it is possible.

Reoccurring health problems -both mental and physical- can seem like a never-ending battle, it will make you curl in the fetal position and cry with all your might. When your body and mind tell you enough is enough, think of the last time you thought you had reached your limit, yet you passed that hurdle. Congratulations. You have lived another day. Keep reminding yourself that you have won over temptation many times over.

Imagine, for a second, that you are lying on a field at night looking up at the sky; no city lights, car sounds, or shouting can be heard from a much-too-stressed society. When you look up, you don’t see clouds, not even the moon; only stars, looking back at you, showing you tens of thousands of different possibilities. Some are shining a faint red, delicate blues, and dim yellows. They are so alluring you reach your hand out.

In that moment, you realize that those stars are not on the ground where you rest. You only have one way from the bottom, and that is up.

You may not reach the stars, but realizing that the only way to leave the ground is in taking a leap of faith is a good first step. Do not fear the journey. Look ahead, and nothing negative will stop you.

Life can’t knock you down if you continue knocking on opportunities door.

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