World suicide prevention day 💛

World suicide prevention day 💛

Today is world suicide prevention day. Please remember that not all scars are visible, just like not all pain is shown in the form of tears. Some pain is hidden behind the brightest smiles.
If you need help, call someone, reach out. You are not alone in this fight. It may seem like it at times.
Mental illness is VERY real. People will make it seem like there is no such thing but it is real.
When I was at my lowest I luckily had a very special friend that didn’t leave my side and took me to her house. I thought I was alone, yet she was there all week.
I promise, what is so painful right now, will be nothing but a mundane thought in the near future.
I love everyone. Hope y’all have a good day and week. Much love. 💛⚘

I leave you with this beautiful song by LOGIC

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